I’m an Associate Professor in the College of Engineering at Swansea University. I’ve worked at Swansea University since 2006 starting as a Lecturer before being promoted in 2013.

My research is focused on addressing important challenges in public safety and security as well as improving medical imaging technologies.

I work at the interface of Applied Mathematics, Engineering and Computational Science. My recent research activities have focused on developing new mathematical and computational techniques for characterising and locating metallic (threat) objects for safety and security applications. In this field I enjoy collaborating with Professor Lionheart from The University of Manchester and some of our recent work has been supported by EPSRC.

I’m also very active┬áin the simulation of complex coupled problems such as understanding the mechanical vibrations and acoustic noise produced by MRI scanners. In this field I am working together with Dr Gil from Swansea University and our work is supported by EPSRC and Siemens Magnet Technology. For more details see the web page of our PhD student Scott Bagwell.

I enjoy talking about my research and regularly give presentations at University research seminars and conferences. Some of my recent talks can be found here.

I teach undergraduate courses on engineering mathematics and undergraduate and postgraduate courses on the computational simulation of engineering problems. I enjoy make innovations to my teaching and, in recognition of this, I recently became a HEA Fellow.

In my spare time I enjoy cycling in the Welsh hills.