I enjoy talking about my research and regularly give talks in University Seminars and conferences.

In November 2016 I gave a seminar at The University of Manchester’s newly formed Centre of International Research for the Clearance of Landmines and Explosives (CIRCLE). To find out more about CIRCLE please see here. My talk was on new results in the theory of metal detection. The slides to my title entitled ” A justification for the rank 2 magnetic polarizability tensor description of conducting objects in metal detection” can be accessed here.

In July 2016 I gave a related talk on my recent work on the characterisation of conducting objects with application to metal detection at the LMS-EPSRC Symposium on the Mathematical and Computational Aspects of Maxwell’s Equations at Durham University. You can watch my talk here.

For an introduction to my work on high-order finite elements in electromagnetism see the slides from my presentation at the Association of Computational Mechanics’ 2015 summer school.

A complete list of talks can be found on my Swansea University web page.